Buzz for TNT’s Proof [Sponsored Ads]

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Turner Network Television (TNT) released a new drama, Proof, in June 2015. Anticipation had been brewing since the year before for the supernatural medical drama with executive producer Kyra Sedgwick and starring Jennifer Beals, Matthew Modine and Daniel Sutcliffe. Part of the promotional campaign was to reach the prospective audience through popular gossip and lifestyle sites. I wrote two sponsored ads, which ran for two weeks right after the series premiere.

Comedic Web Series’ Debut [Sponsored Ads]

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Hamburger Hummus is a satirical web series, lampooning Ugly Americans while giving education on Israel. The series shared via YouTube was directed by Workaholics’ Jay Kara and stars Angela Kinsey (The Office), Jillian Bell (Workaholics, 22 Jump Street) and Marque Richardson (Dear White People). Hamburger Hummus asked Nativo to create two punchy articles to drive traffic to the series’ YouTube channel and website. One list article focused on the vibrant nightlife and sites of Tel …

VIZIO’s 4K Resolution Revolution [Sponsored Ads]

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VIZIO’s M-Series 4K ultra high definition television was named “Top Rated Television of 2015” by CNET for offering the most features at the greatest value. In a sales-focused campaign in November-December 2015, VIZIO answered why the M-Series UHD television was an ideal buy even if streaming hadn’t caught up to the latest resolution rates.    

Nordstrom Rack Holiday Campaign [Advertorials]

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Leading up to “Black Friday,” Nordstrom Rack launched a campaign to drive online sales at the retailer’s website. While freelancing for West Coast agency Nativo, I produced two editorial concepts for the brand. One concept went live on Newsweek in mid-November.