Ingram Micro

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Electronics company Ingram Micro is the world’s largest wholesale technology distributor. Ingram Micro’s digital magazine, Ahead In the Cloud, shares news and analysis for business owners and IT managers.  Based on briefs and news tips, I write brief (300-word) analyses to position Ingram Micro as a cloud authority. Each story ties an important tech story with solving a problem for smaller businesses. These businesses are concerned about efficiency, scalability, security and cost.      

VIZIO’s 4K Resolution Revolution [Sponsored Ads]

cleopold Retail, Technology

VIZIO’s M-Series 4K ultra high definition television was named “Top Rated Television of 2015” by CNET for offering the most features at the greatest value. In a sales-focused campaign in November-December 2015, VIZIO answered why the M-Series UHD television was an ideal buy even if streaming hadn’t caught up to the latest resolution rates.